Honeysuckle Flower Essence
Honeysuckle Flower Essence
Honeysuckle Flower Essence
Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Honeysuckle Flower Essence

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Honeysuckle Flower Essence in 2oz amber glass dropper bottle

Honeysuckle is the popular nickname for a group of arching shrubs native to the Northern hemisphere, typically denoted as Lonicera species. Parading their perfumes throughout the atmosphere, honeysuckles are those hardy perennial bushes found cascading down picket fences through countless communities in the Eastern U.S. The aromatics released by a single honeysuckle shrub can flood an entire neighborhood with scent molecules, as anyone riding a bike during early summer in the Eastern half of the United States would be well aware. The particular, unforgettable scent of honeysuckle bushes instantaneously triggers childhood memories of summer in the minds of many.

Countless generations of children have been delighted to learn how to retrieve tiny droplets of nectar from the sweet-tasting honeysuckle flowers. First by pinching off the end, and then pulling the stamen through the bottom and sucking out the natural juice. The small act of sipping nectar from a honeysuckle flower can deliver you into the present moment to experience a simple joy of life, using both your senses of taste and smell.

Different flowers can be linked with distinct memories in our psyche, which when whiffed can trigger any associated past emotions. The world’s floral industry is bolstered by the simple fact that even the softest floral aroma has the potential to ignite a whirlwind of passionate thoughts and sensations inside the minds of bouquet recipients everywhere. For better or worse, certain scents can be associated with a broad spectrum of emotions, from our purest unadulterated joy to our most deeply-rooted trauma. Cherry blossoms may cause you to giggle when they trigger a memory of the good old times spent down on grandmas farm. Similarly, the scent of lilies at your brother’s funeral may later bring tears to your eyes while strolling casually down a grocery store flower aisle.
The human body may experience a direct physical response as a consequence of our unconscious recognition of odor molecules. Generally flower essences are used to facilitate direct changes in our perception of reality via the nasal passageways. Smell, the most ancient of all five senses, existed far before the evolution of the conscious mind. In ancient times, when life on Earth was contained to the oceans, our brains evolved to process the information that our noses were receiving from the environment. Think about this, the evolution of our most high-functioning organ was created to fill a sensation-based need to decipher olfactory data. Interestingly, the brain evolved secondarily, as a consequence of the need to understand smells. The creation of a brain from olfactory bulbs, was one amongst many steps in the evolution of life on this planet. "We think because we smelled,” writes author, naturalist and sense historian Diane Ackerman.

To make our fragrant honeysuckle flower essence, Mushroomlife carefully harvested these flowers at the first light of day. In this way we ensure maximum nectar content and attempt to prevent the volatile aromatic compounds from escaping into the atmosphere (which may happen in the heat of the afternoon). Our honeysuckle flowers are always picked on a Friday, to fulfill their Venusian planetary correspondence. We used the energy of the sun to infuse distilled water, and then proceeded to preserve the botanical essence with ethanol. Handcrafted in small batches, and made with ample amounts of love, Mushroomlife’s flower essences stimulate the senses and transport the mind to its rightful place, the ever-unfolding present moment. We hope you enjoy the memories, emotions, and release of heavy thought as we do with this wonderfully nostalgic essence.