Chemical wedding


Why Spagyrics?

  • The most potent way to ingest a natural product to adjust wellness.

  • Lasts upto 6x longer than a tincture extract does.

  • Takes less of it for the same desired effect

  • Contains esters that are more bioavailable for absorption

  • Made by ancient tried and perfected methods

  • Slow medicine is the future of wellness, bodily knowledge and awareness

  • Provides a multi-dimensional experience that reaches far beyond your immediate physical form 



Many people have never heard the term spagyric before, and if you're one of them it should be of no surprise. The teachings and processes for making such confections were almost lost to the halls of time and hastey agendas to wipe out ancient knowledge, wisdom and power. If you have heard of this type of extract, great. The word itself comes from two roots meaning to break apart and to recombine. Dissolve and Coagulate or Solve et Coagula which you will hear a lot in alchemical theory.

Perfected over centuries, from the 800s in the middle east to a man named Paracelsus in the 1500s, the roots of spagyrie date much further back, thousands of years and have been practiced and honed by many initiates over the centuries.

Alchemical philosophy describes everything in existence and beyond being "The One Great Thing". All things to come forth perceptible and conceptual from this cosmic fabric of quintessence will do so comprised of 3 principles. The Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. Left capitalized because they are referring to the philosophical Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, not the actual table salt, quicksilver, and brimstone. 

When a practitioner makes these spagyric confections, they do so by separating those three principles from one another and purifying each until it cannot possibly be purified further. Always with a watchful eye on the 7 classical heavenly archetypes those principles are brought together once again for what's known as "The Kymical/Chemical Wedding" creating a new thing ("The resurrection"). Imprinted by not only the celestial alignment of that time, the operations took place because it's being was opened up to the quintessence, but also by the operator themselves. This is achieved through 7 operational steps in the lab and with the aid of proper equipment. 

It takes a long time to make a high quality spagyric where the results lend that new thing we are after. "The New Born Child" if you will, is the esterification reaction that happens when this process is carried out correctly. These esters are far easier assimilated by our tissues and brought across our membranes as they resemble natural products already endogenous. Typical tinctures stay effective for 12 hours, but spagyrics have been shown to stay effective for upto 72.

At Mushroomlife we've taken the spagyric process even further and added the water fraction of each mushroom as well so no possible benefits of these precious ingredients are wasted. Think of these as a triple extract with a metamorphosis twist.

Pictured here are some examples of the 3 principles mentioned that all things are comprised of, even the 4 elements.