A Mushroomlife and Wild Child Medicines Collaborative:

Natural Abundance Immersion Retreats! 


Price includes:

  • 5 days/4 nights (May 6th-10th 2022) in the heart of The Great Smoky mountains with luxury getaway cabin and sleeping quarters (worth $2000)
  • Personal Chef providing all meals including FOREST TO TABLE diners (worth $500 easily)
  • Lessons on: ID of wild plants and mushrooms, how to harvest sustainably, process and store wild ingredients, culinary tips and tricks, medicine and value added product making, as well as regenerative farming, agroforestry and permaculture techniques ($100 per hour value, you'll get AT LEAST 3 per day)
  • Learn how to exchange your limiting beliefs for freedom and relaxation ($300 per hour value)
  • Plant medicine from several makers and guidance will be optional ($250 value)
  • 2 Free vital discussions ($300)
  • Lifelong friends and connections to keep us in line with the reflections we need (Priceless)
  • $4,250 dollar value

    $999 fee if paid by credit card or sezzle. $900 flat if using Cashapp.

    If you don't have Cashapp we are happy to send you a referral link so you save an extra 5 bucks.


    Anytime in this life that we feel lack, chances are, we have  probably been separate from nature and our true reality...abundance. All human suffering comes by mis-knowing the true nature of the self and it is our passion and goal to remind, lead, and teach those who have forgotten, the way back home to wholeness, plentitude, and peace. When we turn back to nature and our place in it we can truly feel our being begin to relax and tune back in to the immediate surroundings as they were designed for. Instantly lending a parasympathetic reaction the entire body and mind benefits from.

    Bamboo Shoots

    Healing from the inside out already.  Leading to a more full and easy breath, imbibing the original plant medicine...Oxygen.

    Returning that depth and ease to your breath, is one of the most important connections we have with our bodies. It sets the stage for how all other organ systems can function.

    Reishi Mushroom

    Replacing a way of thinking, that we were ever separate from or truly lacking anything.


     Mushroom walk


    Reclaiming our personal power to sustenance and wellness.


    Morel hunt


    Remembering the bounty our ancestors knew well, and had direct relationships with.


    Chicken of the Woods


    Gaining hands on knowledge from long time professionals of their craft, person to person, as its been for eons.




    Join the collaborative this May 6th-10th for a truly one of a kind experience and luxury stay in a large secluded 5 bedroom cabin located in the Great Smoky Mountain Lodge in Wears Valley, right next to Pigeon Forge. Extremely spacious indoors and out this place is fully set to be your foraging base camp and to help you unwind. Modern mountain decor, granite countertops and steel appliances in kitchen, lots of central dining space for those FOREST TO TABLE MEALS your PRIVATE CHEF will be providing. Breathtaking views and beds for all, including a king size with jetted tub in the master suite, fire pit for nightly fire circles, hot tub, wi-fi, game room with a pool table and 70" flat screen with gaming system to do your own thing whenever you feel called to it. Or forage til your heart's content!

    Wild mushroom hunts

    We invite you to experience the wilderness under a whole new set of lenses. Optional meditation and movement exercises starting each morning to calibrate the body and mind. A group breakfast and then your choice of forest time to potentially gather and learn about ingredients or self adventure in one of the many local attractions of the area. Afternoon gaming, presentations, and group fun followed by a truly delicious forest to table diner provided by our chef.

    Forest to table

    We aim to create a truly fun and safe environment and an experience for real shifts in perception to begin and take root, facilitating you towards more of your highest calling, independence, and power in the natural world.

    All meals are included and will be provided for you including WILD HARVEST INGREDIENTS for a true taste of natural bounty. Should you have any allergy or specific dietary requests please let us know when you sign up.

       This is a one of a kind offering given the Collaborative’s collective skill set. Let alone the breathtaking setting, good company, great times gaming with friends, and relaxation opportunity with no cooking, dishes, or obligations! Take us up on one of these extremely limited slots. We promise you won't regret it and you will definitely return with a greater ability to thrive and treat yourself to nature's abundance.



    This retreat is the perfect fit for any able bodied individual with that curious mind and eye looking to feed your natural wonders, to get away from the drone of highways and busy life, and to bask in serene and healthy natural environment while learning some fun, handy, and inspiring new hobbies with great company. Navigation of possibly rough terrain can often be a part of the experience but is always optional for anyone who chooses to attend as are all other activities during this retreat. These are offerings not obligations, as we are leaving those at home! Haven’t hiked or had a campfire in a while? When was the last time you ate something wild? Feeling the need for a little extended social time after the long days of lockdowns? We have you covered. Come out and kick back. 

    The Collaborative truly are in their highest passion here in offering this experience. With over 35 years of combined knowledge and skills in the realm of foraging, permaculture lifestyle and settings, as well as regenerative practices with agroforestry, farming and producing your own medicines, they are eager to share with you the many facets of a life spent closer to the land. Both guides are also professionals in these related fields currently, so it’s what they live and breathe on a daily basis. Our number one concern is to appropriately and adequately open your eyes to the infinite abundance around us when we turn back to nature.

    The two main facilitators of the event will be Michael Weese of Mushroomlife and Zachary Heidemann of Wild Child Medicines.



    Michael Weese

    Michael Weese, entrepreneur and founder of MushroomLife, is an autodidact, forager, and all around fungal enthusiast in the Mid-Atlantic Region. His life’s work involves being a teacher, consultant, spagyrist, herbalist, cultivator, photographer, and friend to nearly all he meets. A student of the mushrooms and mycology for 26 years now, his knowledge runs deeper than the hyphae itself. 

    Creator of some of the most popular fungal cultures ever cloned and circulated, he has a special talent for capturing clean champion genetics from wild-harvested mushroom specimens as well as extensive knowledge of breeding and producing mushrooms of many types spanning several divisions of the 5th kingdom on a small or large scale. 

    Michael photography aims at decreasing apathy toward nature through the constant demonstration of natural beauty, applications and diversity. It is because of his artistic eye that Michael’s photography has been published in “The Journal of Wild Mushrooming,” and used by his mentors and peers in their teachings across the planet.

    The admiration of the alchemical model and philosophy has long inspired Michael and the intersection of alchemy and mushroom enthusiasm was his main inspiration behind the current line of products offered through Mushroomlife.

    Always striving to take the arts, interests, and passions of his chosen field to the next level, Michael is confident a healthy relationship with the hyphae and nature is the way forward for humankind and is almost certain anyone would be happier with more mushrooms and nature in their life.


    Zachary Heidemann


    Zachary Owen Heidemann is the creator of Wild Child Medicines.

    Certified in herbal medicine and holistic coaching, Zachary believes that our true nature is abundance and nature is our true abundance.  When we properly live our lives and relate skillfully to nature, everything we could ever want or need we have or are and life is less struggle and more bliss.  Zachary strives to teach people to reconnect with their abundant nature at every level in every way at every opportunity, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at this rewilding retreat.  You may also get some didgeridoo, chanting, meditation, music and singing.  See you on the wild side where we are all deeply connected and aware of preferred abundance.

    To reserve your highly limited slot now, send us an email or message and arrange a call to go over any concerns as well as make payment to lock in the date and experience.  We very much look forward to having this adventure with you. 

    This retreat sold out, stay tuned for more offerings from the collective soon.