Archetypal Correspondence

What is an archetype and how do they correspond to life and other things? Better yet, why are the extract bottles different colors with days of the week on them?

The evolution of western thought from Plato on has grappled with that previous question in its search for lasting threads of meaning throughout the halls of time. Although there are many ways to describe these concepts or energies, one of the simplest ways would be that archetypes are universal forces. Ones that affect matter and psyche. Behavioral patterns throughout all dimensions influenced by these overarching characteristics. As if an all pervading sentience was conducting the mixture of influences on every scale. A way of grouping the cosmic tendencies of natures flow.

Primordial instincts, Transcendent first principles, Gods or basic constituents of the psyche; just some of the basic descriptions given to archetypes by well known figures in history Like Jung, Freud, and Plato. 

Astrology seems to be supported by Jungian and Platonic philosophy here. Which naturally ties in given the archetypes are planetary of conceptual origin. So understanding these forces can not only gain an individual the insight into what is in their life and why, but what could be, due to their archetypal potentials. Your birth chart is a great way to familiarize yourself with the archetypal forces that guide your tendencies in life and experience. In modern Astrology there are 10 or more 'planetary' archetypes, but Mushroomlife only focuses on the 7 classical archetypes that were correspondent to the visible planets in ancient times. Ones observed with the naked eye for eons.

Each one of these classical planetary archetypes corresponds to a day of the week as well. Furthermore hours in the day, as well as minutes in the hour and seconds in each minute. 

Taking a closer look at each of the 7 we can see and feel a theme arise in the character of each archetypal influence in whatever kingdom we may be talking about. Be that herbal, mineral, metal, animal, celestial, and internal.

Here is a brief overview of some archetypal correspondences throughout several facets of reality. I will list the classical planet and then the metal, chakra, organ, day, color, concept, and element associated with each.


Gold, Sahasrara, Heart, Sunday, Gold, The Present, Fire


Silver, Anja, Brain, Monday, Silver, Emotion, Water


Iron, Manipura, Gall, Tuesday, Red, Will, Fire


Mercury, Vissudha, Lungs, Wednesday, Lavender, Thought, Air


Tin, Svadisthana, Liver, Thursday, Blue, Expansion/Indulgence, Fire


Copper, Anahata, Kidneys, Friday, Green, Love, Air


Lead, Muladhara, Spleen, Saturday, Black, Discipline, Earth


   These are only a few of the many thousands of categories one could construe and correlate to characteristics of the 7 ruling forces of Alchemical philosophy. With a more keen eye and analytical psyche we can select from any of these 7 archetypes in nature as needed to adjust different states 'within' our body.  "As without so within."  Tissue states can be adjusted through the mindful use of the planetary archetypes found in herbs, fungi, animals, minerals, and even metals. 

   Mushroomlife's wild mushroom magistery set of spagyrics are  determined to which characteristics each mushroom fit the best. Though many things in nature are comprised of energies of several if not all of the archetypes, there is often one that is the most obvious for one reason or another. These signatures assigned seemed the most aligned to my psyche when meditating on each one.

     When we find an ingredient in nature, we first look at it. What are the colors, shapes and texture that lean toward any of the classical 7? What are the smells, tastes, and feel to its body and fluids? Is it very bitter, astringent and restrictive like Saturn? Is it sweet and floral, loving like Venus? With this sort of dissective psyche we can find our own alchemical correspondence to anything.

   This understanding brings us closer to the experience of using these one of a kind confections and adds depth to the wellness experience only limited by your study and imagination. I hope you enjoy these creations and the hard work and dedication that goes into producing them. May it inspire exaltation of mind and matter for you and yours.