Michael Weese

 Michael Weese, entrepreneur and founder of MushroomLife, is an autodidact, forager, and all around fungal enthusiast in the Mid-Atlantic Region. His life’s work involves being a teacher, guide, wild food purveyor, alchemist, herbalist, consultant, cultivator, photographer, permaculturist, ecologist, environmental steward, and friend to nearly all he meets. A student of the mushrooms and mycology for 26 years now his knowledge base is vast in this subject and many others concerning natural and science based topics.

Michael’s influence spans the globe, as he inspires folks to both forage in the wild, and cultivate their own mushrooms as well as to tune into the many applications mycology has to offer. Through sharing his knowledge and experience online, in the classroom, and in the field, Michael inspires others to explore their world with wonder and a sense of curiosity that can never be quenched. Creator of some of the most popular fungal cultures ever cloned and circulated, he has a special talent for capturing clean champion genetics from wild-harvested mushroom specimens as well as extensive knowledge of breeding and producing mushrooms of many types spanning several divisions of the 5th kingdom on a small or large scale offering his consultation as a side stream.

Michael is administrator to several very large online forums reaching hundreds of thousands of people over the years with the intentions of spreading fungal awareness and enthusiasm, education, and decreasing apathy toward nature through the constant demonstration of fungal beauty, applications and diversity. It is because of his artistic eye that Michael’s photography has been published in “The Journal of Wild Mushrooming,” and used by his mentors and peers in their teachings across the planet.

The admiration of the alchemical model and philosophy has long pulled Michael over the years in search of the true distilled gems of meaning that are universal for us all. His passion for the transmutation of base ingredients to the exalted and elevated forms they take through the laws of nature with the help of human will is obvious in his dedication to the craft. The intersection of alchemy and mushrooms enthusiasm was his main inspiration behind the current line of products offered through Mushroomlife.

Always striving to take the arts, interests, and passions of his chosen field to the next level, Michael is confident a healthy relationship with the hyphae and nature is the way forward for humankind and is almost certain anyone would be happier with more mushrooms in their life.


Hen of the Woods 

Hen of the Wood or Grifola frondosa found in his homestate, MD.