Upcoming Retreat


Pocono Mountains

June 17-21st, 2023


The Natural Abundance Collective, a partnership endeavor focused on fostering connection to the natural environment, would like to invite you to join us for a 5-day all inclusive foraging, mindfulness and natural abundance retreat in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. 


Reconnect to nature, yourself and community while relaxing and restoring in leisure. For this retreat we will leave behind the burdensome narratives that prevent us from living fully present and embodied lives. This mountain getaway experience will leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated and ready to walk a path of deeper beauty, wisdom and abundance. If you have ever wanted to learn to identify and forage plants and mushrooms, process and preserve wild foods, craft your own herbal medicine, cultivate deeper authenticity and self-awareness, and step into a central role in your health and wellness then this retreat is for you! This event is ideal for people of all skill levels and backgrounds.


 Sunny Meadow


Located directly in the Poconos, this luxury, rustic vacation home will saturate your senses with elegance and comfort. The home is nestled on a 25 acre forested site surrounded by natural beauty and includes amenities such as a hot tub with a scenic view, spacious kitchen and dining area, multiple cozy living rooms, outdoor fire pit and patio, billiards table, beautiful spacious bedrooms and more. We will be exploring the abundant nature present around our homebase as well as taking trips to explore some of the best trails and destinations the area has to offer.


Every meal will be crafted with nutrient dense, organic and wild ingredients that grow in our region and will be prepared by top notch chefs who are classically trained in different cuisines from around the world. This will free up all of our energy to focus on connection and laughter with community, hands-on learning, and dismantling any thought forms that may be blocking the flow of our innate bliss, power, and love. There will be a buffet style breakfast offered each morning, followed by exquisite group lunches and dinners served throughout the day. All food options will be Gluten Free and Vegetarian with optional animal protein cooked on the side to add as desired.


Chicken of the Woods


We will begin each day with meditation and movement to sink into a space of presence and clarity. We will relearn how to show up for self and community, as well as tune in to the infinite energy and insight available to us at all times. There will be special presentations, forest bathing and forays during the day, as well as hands-on workshops and activities. In the evening we will enjoy decadent group meals, conversation around the fire outdoors, relaxation in the game rooms, and nourishing rest. The celestial magic of the Summer Solstice will take place during our retreat, so we will plan to honor this event with a short ceremony giving recognition to the cycles of nature that influence our lives in each and every way. There will also be plenty of personal time throughout the day for self-reflection, relaxation and community time. You will no doubt form relationships here that will uplift and inspire you for years to come. 


We ask that all attendees are capable of walking, hiking, and foraging as well as capable of performing all other executive functions without assistance. No background in foraging is required and we welcome all levels of experience.


The Natural Abundance Collective looks forward to curating a transformative experience alongside you, as well as sharing some tools that will help you navigate your future with increased sovereignty. Our team is made up of professionals who are highly skilled in the fields of botany, foraging, mycology, agriculture, permaculture, agroforestry, ecology, culinary arts, herbalism, mindfulness, holistic health and wellness and more. 


 Michael has been a nature fanatic his whole life. With an academic background in biology and ecology, he is always excited to share the beauty of nature discovered with others, and likes to do so most by taking them to the forest for a closer look outward, as well as inward. Bodhi’s multi-disciplinary knowledge and background in community organizing makes him an excellent facilitator and experience curator. He is an enthusiastic advocate for the natural world and has always felt most at home surrounded by trees.




Nature provides everything we need for our journey on this Earth and we'd like to invite you to come remember and reconnect with us!



Mushroomlifellc@gmail.com or Bodhi.vasilopoulos@gmail.com 

 **PRICES IN THE RANGE OF $2,000-2,500**

(Payments accepted through Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, BTC, Check, or Cashapp)



*5 days/4 nights (June 17th-21st 2023) in the heart of The Great Smoky mountains with luxury getaway cabin and sleeping quarters ($1600 value)

*Private Chef providing all meals including FOREST TO TABLE diners ($1000 value) All meals will be prepared vegan and gluten free, with optional meat and dairy prepared on the side to add as desired.

*Lessons on: ID of wild plants and mushrooms, how to harvest sustainably, process and store wild ingredients, culinary tips and tricks, medicine and value added product making, as well as regenerative farming, agroforestry and permaculture techniques ($100 per hour value, you'll get AT LEAST 3 per day)

*Learn how to exchange your limiting beliefs for freedom and relaxation ($300 per hour value)

*Plant medicine manufacture and sampling from several makers with optional guidance for DIY ($250+ value)

*4 presentations/demonstrations ($600)

* Night time walk with UV light exploration ($30)

*Lifelong friends and connections to keep us in line with the reflections we need (Priceless)

***Over $5,000 dollar value***

Meet the crew:





With three decades of experience in the 5th kingdom, Mushroomlife's founder Michael Weese is a wealth of knowledge in the realms of cultivation, and wild identification. The work he does exemplifies true artistry with the extraction of functional mushrooms and product development. His lifelong work, studies and passions have taken him to many remote corners of North America and just about everywhere between. Even more extensive was Michael's time involved in studies of the Eastern Wisdom and Western Mystery Schools, lending to an interesting balance of one who has spent a great deal of time looking up and down, inward and outward. With many new aspirations for the world and community, his greatest hope is to enrich your life through fungal affairs.



bodhi v



   Bodhi Vasilopoulos is an enthusiastic advocate for the natural world and has always felt most at home surrounded by trees. He strives to be a steward, live in harmony with all beings & leave a loving footprint on the Earth. Bodhi is a multi-disciplinary professional, practicing herbalist and teacher on topics such as foraging, botany, gardening and permaculture. He also works at Forested, a regenerative food forest farm and education center in Maryland. 




Davy Kim



Vy LaVie is a private chef specializing in wild foods and is originally from Cambodia. Her foraging journey began at a young age while living in refugee camps in the jungles of Thailand. She later fell in love with the culinary world while studying in France and has been obsessed with creating delicious and nourishing meals ever since. She is currently working on a wild foods cookbook and is excited to share her love for forest to table cuisine. 



Shaun Thompson



Shaun Thompson, owner of Seasonal Bites LLC, is a personal chef with a passionate emphasis on hyperlocal, homegrown, and wild sourced foods. He believes the ingredients can speak for themselves as it conveys in his culinary style. Shaun loves to demonstrate all the natural substitutions available that one may hastily turn to the market for unnecessarily. As an avid wild mushroom hunter he is naturally gifted with his ability to envision them in many dishes and forms and is eager to serve his inspiration to all.