Chanterelle Spagyric
Chanterelle Spagyric
Chanterelle Spagyric

Chanterelle Spagyric

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Mushroomlife proudly presents our newest and final extract in the alchemical magistery set, the Chanterelle Spagyric. Chanterelles, golden jewels of the woodlands, are a late summer hiker’s greatest treasure here in eastern North America where Mushroomlife wild harvests mushrooms for this spagyric. Chanterelles are cosmopolitan meaning they are found in regions with similar ecology across the globe, appearing on six out of seven continents, excluding Antarctica. Chanterelle is derived from the Greek root word “kantharos,” meaning vase, named after their shape. These exotic flowers of the forest floor typically appear as yellow-orange fireworks that are easily spotted in contrast with the rest of their environment. Chanterelles are fairly easy to identify given they are shades of sunburst on the outside yet always have white internal flesh and a white spore print. 

Chanterelles are fleshy, funnel-shaped mushrooms that are mycorrhizal and preferentially associate with hardwood trees in forests with moist and mossy understories. They are always wild-harvested since their connections and growth patterns are unable to be replicated outside of nature. Cultures worldwide agree that chanterelles are a culinary delight. Their smell is akin to apricots, with a texture and mouthfeel comparable to chicken meat and a lightly subtle flavor profile that can adapt to almost any dish. The chanterelles chosen by Mushroomlife for this spagyric extract are edible mushrooms belonging to the genus Cantharellus. We are happy to report that Mushroomlife’s Chanterelle Spagyric does contain the distinct light and fruity flavor characteristic of wild chanterelles.

Although chanterelle mushrooms are prized edibles that have been collected by mankind for centuries or more, there is not a large amount of scientific literature today on the utility of chanterelle extracts for human consumption in western medicine. We can say that extracts of Cantharellus species have been shown to contain vitamins A, B, D, D2, potassium, zinc, copper, sterols, fatty acids, as well as essential amino acids and fiber [1]. Several studies generated by the group Lemieszek et al. implicate polysaccharide extracts of Cantharellus cibarius as being anti-proliferative against lung and colon cancer cells in vitro [2, 3]. And one pioneering study from 2017 showed significant effects of a 2% (w/w) extract of Cantharellus cibarius on wound healing in rats, as administered once per day for nine days [4]. 

In alchemical terms, Mushroomlife’s Chanterelle Spagyric aligns with Friday, the sixth day of the week. It is also the day that is associated with the planet named Venus and the ancient goddess of love with the same name. A chanterelle easily imbibes the qualities of Venus with its light, feminine, and gentle energies. Venus holds the most creativity of all the classical planets, and Friday is known to be great for creative works, art, and companionship. Chanterelles are gregarious species that rarely appear alone, which perfectly corresponds with Friday because it is a day to be social and connect with others. Ruler of beauty and desire, Venus is the perfect counterpart to the best tasting extract in Mushroomlife’s magistery set. 

We truly believe our process of Mushroom Spagyric creation is special, including the painstaking attention to detail and high level of discipline that is required. It takes a lot of time, financial resource, and physical work to produce even one single batch of spagyric extract. The level of dedication within those selflessly practicing these arts is a beautiful thing to behold. The process of spagyric creation is rooted in some of the oldest forms of transmutation practiced by mankind. The people who see the purpose behind this type of slow medicine are as special as the spagyrics themselves. With a keen eye on the mind, the stars, and the flask, we forge on in faith of obtaining a greater wellness through these operations. For a brief description what a spagyric is, how we make ours, and why, please click on our 'Spagyrics' tab.

* This product is intended for energetic work only. All information shared above is strictly for educational purposes. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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