Cordyceps militaris CM003 Culture Dish

Cordyceps militaris CM003 Culture Dish

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Cordyceps militaris CM003 Culture Dish

The original CM003 (and its host) were collected from the wild in South Central Pennsylvania, and subsequently cloned in MushroomLife's laboratory.

CM003 is a prestigious culture with a great reputation. This culture was the only one used to produce Cordyceps for all three of North America's first ever major Cordy production facilities. 

With it's excellent track record, CM003 would make a solid entry-level culture for any home cultivator. It would also be wonderful for those wishing to have robust and dependable genetics to diversify their Cordyceps culture bank.

The CM003 clone is a fresh culture that can have up to a two year lifespan in vitro, when properly maintained. MushroomLife always uses the highest quality laboratory grade scientific agar available. Cultures are examined under microscopy and will arrive clean and ready to use.

We stand by our cultures, meaning the CM003 you receive directly from MushroomLife will always be viable. If for some reason the culture is not viable or arrives contaminated, contact us immediately at, attach a photo of the plate, and we promise to either replace it for free, or send your money back.


Customers of cultures, please be aware of our policies regarding culture orders, stated below: 
1. We do not guarantee arrival of cultures shipped internationally. International customers must purchase at their own risk. 
2 We will not re-send cultures that the post office lost free-of-charge. If you re-order again, we will send them again. It's up to the buyer to file a claim with USPS if a culture order is lost in the mail. 
3. We will not replace broken cultures that USPS destroyed, free-of-charge. If you re-order again, we will send them again. It's up to the buyer to file a claim with USPS if the culture is destroyed en route. 
4. We do not assure survival of international or domestic cultures, as weather can be extreme in certain parts of the country, or world. Use your best judgement of when to order temperature sensitive materials like fungal cultures. We recommend tracking them with the tracking info we will provide and bring them inside immediately upon arrival and unpack promptly. This being said, we have never knowingly lost a culture due to temperature conditions, however we do leave the possibility open.