What is a spagyric?

In short, a spagyric is an alchemically-produced elixir.

The roots of the word ‘Spagyric’ loosely mean ‘Spao’ to extract, draw out, isolate, or divide… and ‘ageiro’ to recombine, gather, bring together, or reunite. In alchemical philosophy the practitioner realizes all things in nature are not only connected but very much alive and have three basic principles. These three principals are fractions that cannot be further purified once isolated. They are called the salt, the sulfur and the mercury. The salt, or the body in ancient terms are the mineral salts in chemical terms. The sulfur, once called the soul, is the oily portion. And the mercury, which is the spirit of that associated kingdom and some delicate volatiles. An important note, when discussing mercury here, we are just using an alchemical concept with astrological significance, our extracts do not contain the chemical element known as mercury.

In the art of operational alchemy there are many ways to create your medicinal masterpieces. Some practitioners will make a tincture, filter the herb off, and then burn it, re-adding the ash to the tincture. Technically this is a spagyric, albeit the simplest form of such, it is still a step more effective than a standard tincture or dual extract. Other practitioners may actually whiten or even redden the ash of the herb and dissolve that in a solvent, allow that to separate, and evaporate off the liquid to obtain pure salt crystals, then add that to a tincture. MushroomLife takes the process through a few more steps. To obtain the sulfur a long digestion is used over a gentle and constant fire like a water bath or heat mat. The digested mushroom powder is then pressed off in pressure-resistant double silk bags using an herbal press. Secondary filtration with vacuum pumps and fritted funnels render the saturated solvent particulate free and ready. All sediment is always saved for calcination at the end. The saturated solvent containing the sulfur is circulated and matured over gentle heat to exalt the sulfur principle, always with a watchful eye on the stars of relevance. After pressing, the remaining marc of fungus is used for water extraction and then filtered and pressed again. 

Now taking all the solids, filtrate and particulate left over from filtering, decanting, and pressing we place them in a fire proof vessel that gives off no matter of its own and slowly but steadily add 5th degree heat (300-1000 degrees C). At first the marc darkens (The Nigredo), then the black begins to give way to gray (The Albedo) and lots of billowing smoke, releasing that which is not true. This application might take up to a few days before pure white or even pinkish red ash (The Rubedo) will reveal itself. This signifies that it is ready for dissolution in the solvent. We then thoroughly mix the salt ash with the warm distilled water to ensure maximum saturation of soluble fixed mineral content. Then place on a stir plate and allowing this to thoroughly mix then separate completely, the saturated water fraction is removed and evaporated leaving behind the pure salt principle. This step is repeated until the saturated water tests neutral in pH. Isolating each principle through application of the timeless alchemical operations of digestion, separation, distillation, coagulation, fermentation, calcination, crystallization, dissolution, and cohobation puts us closer to the understanding of how nature, the one great thing, expresses all with a masterful combination of these very operations with the aid of the elements. If we really took our time (many moons, even years), with these 3 principles and the cohobation (remixing) of them, a “first order stone” or even a “lesser stone” (also known as the Philosophers Stone) could potentially be made from these, and then cast into a solid on watch glass over hot sand from its pastey form. While this would make for just about the most potent way you could ingest any given substance, it wouldn’t be practical given the years of time it takes to complete the lesser circulation. Instead, we add our 3 principles together, and circulate gently as possible under vacuum until fully matured and married, then make a colloidal suspension with the other water fraction to ensure maximum immuno-modulating properties as well.

Why go through all this you might ask? As we do the work, the work changes us. Operations performed in the laboratory to create the spagyrics are reflective of the phases, energies, and cyclic nature of life that we all experience. As within so without. As above so below. We are always grateful for the opportunity to have new insight shed upon these layers of consciousness. We feel that use of this planetary set can help facilitate deep and thorough inner transformations given the purity of their chemical concentrations, tastes and smells let alone the correspondences they can usher into your experience.

Chemically speaking, the chelated mineral salts neutralize the organic acids of the mushroom, which can be found in the non-polar/sulfur principle. This converts the acids to ester form yielding soapy like compounds, more readily assimilated by your tissues, with even administration and less stubborn precipitation. What was once fixed, is now volatile. Alchemical transformation in a nutshell. Mineral salts and ester forms of mushroom-derived compounds can cross gated ion channels in cellular membranes more readily. This renders the spagyric far more ‘bioavailable’, boosting the potency, duration, and effectiveness of the extract. The sulfur principle is very complex in its chemistry and profile, and may be comprised of 100s of different non-polar compounds such as volatile aromatics, hormone-like molecules, and terpenoids. This principle contains many molecules small enough to easily penetrate the tissues of the body. Stimulating blood flow and increasing nutrient delivery, this portion also contains highly active antioxidants. The non-polar fraction of fungal extracts can display antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and/or anti-parasitic effects. In addition, non-polar sesquiterpenes have the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Facilitating a rapid systemic chemical response, even just a few drops of these extracts, when used in conjunction with the mindful energies and meditations associated with the classical planets and elements, can usher in a new multidimensional experience. Shedding new insight into facets of your life previously unseen. Everything flows in cycles, yet each time we come back around there is new lens of understanding to view the next revolution through. Ever aiding in the evolution of spirit.

Traditional tinctures are effective for 6-12 hours. Dual extracts are typically active over 12-24 hours. Yet, spagyrics have been shown to stay effective for up to 72 hours.* MushroomLife’s Spagyrics are shelf stable indefinitely when stored in our lightproof infinity bottles.